Using Standard Normal Table to Find Probability

Provide an appropriate response. Use the Standard Normal Table to find the probability.
Assume that blood pressure readings are normally distributed with mu = 120, and sigma = 8. A blood pressure reading of 145 or more may require medical attention. What percent of people have a blood pressure reading greater than 145?

Possible answers; 11.09%, 0.09%, 99.91%, 6.06%

Seventy-five percent of adults want to live to age 100. You randomly select five adults and ask them whether they want to live to age 100. The random variable represents the number of adults who want to live to age 100. Complete parts (a) through (c) below.
binomial probability distribution.png
b) Graph the binomial distribution using a histogram and describe its shape.
histograms and distributions.png
What is the shape of the histogram?
c) What values of the random variable X would you consider unusual?


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