Entering TWO-WAY Data in SPSS

Statistics and maths anxiety are common and affect people's performance on maths and stats assignments; women, in particular, can lack confidence in mathematics (Field, 2010). Zhang, Schmader, & Hall, (2013) did an intriguing study, in which students completed a maths test in which some put their own name on the test booklet, whereas others were given a booklet that already had either a male or female name on it. Participants in the latter two conditions were told that they would use this other person's name for the purpose of the test. Women who completed the test using a different name performed better than those who completed the test using own name. (There were no such effects for men). The data below are a random subsample of Zhang et al.'s data. Enter them into SPSS and save the files as Zhang (2013) subsample.sav

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