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NASA is conducting an experiment to find out the fraction of people who black out at G forces greater than 6. Suppose a sample of 543 People is drawn. Of these people, 217 passed out at G forces greater than 6. Using the data, estimate the proportion of people who pass out at more than 6 Gs. Enter your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to three decimal places.

A technician working for the Chase-National Food Additive Company would like to estimate the preserving ability of a new additive. This additive will be used for Auntie’s brand preserves. Based on past tests, it is believed that the time to spoilage for this additive has a standard deviation of 8 days. To be 95% confident of the true mean time to spoilage, what sample size will be needed to estimate the mean time to spoilage with an accuracy of one day?

A travel agent is interested in the average price of a hotel room during the summer in a resort community. The agent randomly selects 18 hotels from the community and determines the price of a regular room with a king size bed. The average price of the room for the sample was $150 with a standard deviation of $40. Assume the prices are normally distributed. Construct an interval to estimate the true average price of a regular room with a king size bed in the resort community with 99% confidence. Round the endpoints to two decimal places, if necessary.