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The following sample of weights (in ounces) was taken from 12 boxes of crackers randomly selected from the assembly line.
Construct a 98% confidence interval for the population variance for the weights of all boxes of crackers that come off the assembly line. Round to three decimal places.

NASA is conducting an experiment to find out the fraction of people who black out at G forces greater than 6. Suppose a sample of 543 People is drawn. Of these people, 217 passed out at G forces greater than 6. Using the data, estimate the proportion of people who pass out at more than 6 Gs. Enter your answer as a fraction or a decimal number rounded to three decimal places.

A technician working for the Chase-National Food Additive Company would like to estimate the preserving ability of a new additive. This additive will be used for Auntie’s brand preserves. Based on past tests, it is believed that the time to spoilage for this additive has a standard deviation of 8 days. To be 95% confident of the true mean time to spoilage, what sample size will be needed to estimate the mean time to spoilage with an accuracy of one day?