DS 123 Statistical Analysis

Assignment 4 instructions

This Assignment consists of two parts: Part 1 includes questions from textbook, and Part 2 is application using JMP. In total, you will be creating 2-3 files for this assignment. For Part 1 you will create either Word file or Excel file (see details below). For Part 2, you will have 1 JMP report files. Hence, you need to submit your all the files in a single attempt. You may submit multiple attempts if you make corrections. But, note that each attempt should contain all files. (Total 20pts)

Part 1. (20pts)

  1. Work on the following problems from the textbook. Clearly indicate how you arrived to solution. You need to show your work to earn credit.
  2. You may solve questions by calculator (not using Excel). Then, use Word document to write down answers. Label question numbers clearly and do not forget to write down your name and section number.
    o You may submit handwritten paper, but make sure it is eligible to read and all the problems should be in a single document (do not submit separate files for each question)
  3. You may also solve questions using Excel/JMP. In this case, submit your Excel file or copy/paste output of JMP file in Word document. Again, make sure to label question numbers and answers clearly. You may use similar template provided in previous assignment.

Question sets:
11.2, 11.4, 11.6

Part 2. (5pts- Extra Credit)
• Use JMP to Conduct ANOVA. Follow instructions indicated in document files named “Using JMP to Conduct Analysis of Variance” (or click here

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