Data Analysis Using Excel

For each of the following problems, save your work to a .r file. Name your files like
<.First Name>_HW3.
So my file for problem 2 would be Hendrix_Jeremy_HW3_2.r
Upload your five files to DropBox.

I have provided you with an Excel spreadsheet called Last_FM_data_shuffled.xlsx. It contains the log of all the music I have listened to on my phone since I began using the website. As the name implies however, I have shuffled the entries so that they are no longer in chronological order. There is a header row at the top of the spreadsheet, and there are four columns of data: Band, Album, Song, and Date.

  1. Assuming you are not using packages that let you read from Excel, what must you do first in order to prepare this data to import to an R dataframe? What command will you use to import it?
    For this problem, submit a .r file where the first line is a comment telling me what you have to do, and the second line is the R command to import the data. Remember that # is the comment character.
  2. What is a single R command that can be used to count how many different bands are represented in the data file?
  3. Write an R script that will sort the data back into chronological order and store it in a new dataframe.
  4. Recall that the table() function can be used to quickly summarize data. As an example, assuming I have attached the dataframe with the song data, I can type

And get the following output

(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister 1901 45

                          2                        1               2

     50 Ways to Say Goodbye     6th Avenue Heartache      8:02:00 PM 
                          1                        2               1 

Each song title appears as a column heading and the number underneath it represents the number of time the song appears in the Song column of the dataframe.
Using this, what is the R command to determine the name of the song that has been played the most times? What is the R command to determine how many times that song has been played?

  1. Using R, determine the average number of songs I listened to per day over the time period in the dataset.

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