High-powered experimental engines are being developed by the Hendrix Motor Company for use in their new sports coupe. The engineers have calculated the maximum horsepower for the engines to be 570HP. Sixteen engines are randomly selected for testing. Perform a hypothesis test to determine whether the data suggests that the average maximum horsepower for the experimental engine is significantly different than the maximum horsepower calculated by the engineers. Assume the data are normally distributed and use a significance level of 0.05.

Maximum Horsepower (HP)
557 595 522 600 577 546 580 601
611 609 598 611 618 594 598 614

a. State the null and alternative hypotheses for the test. Fill in the blank below.
b. Compute the value of the test statistic. Round your answer to three decimal places.
c. Draw a conclusion and interpret the decision.

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