An SAT prep course claims to improve the test score of students. The table below shows the scores for seven students the first two times they took the verbal SAT. Before taking the SAT for the second time, each student took a course to try to improve his or her verbal SAT scores. Do these results support the claim that the SAT prep course improves the students' verbal SAT scores?
Let d=(verbal SAT scores prior to taking the prep course)−(verbal SAT scores after taking the prep course)
. Use a significance level of α=0.05 for the test. Assume that the verbal SAT scores are normally distributed for the population of students both before and after taking the SAT prep course.
Student Score on first SAT Score on second SAT
1 380 420
2 440 530
3 470 530
4 490 550
5 440 460
6 420 490
7 410 430

a. State the null and alternative hypotheses for the test.
b. Find the value of the standard deviation of the paired differences. Round your answer to one decimal place.
c. Compute the value of the test statistic. Round your answer to three decimal places.
d. Determine the decision rule for rejecting the null hypothesis H0. Round the numerical portion of your answer to three decimal places.
e. Make the decision for the hypothesis test.

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