A national online business magazine reports that the average cost of a speeding ticket in Miami, including court fees, is $220. A local police department claims that this amount has increased. To test their claim, they collect data from a simple random sample of 16 drivers who have been fined for speeding in the last year. Assuming that the distribution of speeding ticket costs is normally distributed and the population standard deviation is $15, is there sufficient evidence to support the police department’s claim at the 0.02 level of significance?
Speeding Ticket Costs in Miami
$226 $227 $209 $231 $227 $235 $235 $216
$213 $216 $240 $235 $227 $212 $235 $236

State the null and alternative hypotheses for the test. Fill in the blank below.

H0Ha: μ=220: μblank220
b. Compute the value of the test statistic. Round your answer to two decimal places.
c. Draw a conclusion and interpret the decision.

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