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Doing Independent-Samples T-tests

  1. Download the file timeonsite.csv from the course materials. This file describes a website A/B test in which visitors’ time-on-site was measured in two website variations. How many subjects were in this website A/B test?
  2. How many subjects were exposed to each variation of the website A and B?
  3. To the nearest tenth (one digit), what was the median time on sire for site “B”?
  4. To the nearest hundredth (two digits), what was the standard deviation of time on site for site “A”?
  5. Conduct an independent-samples t-test on Time by Site. Assume equal variances. To the nearest hundredth (two digits), What is the t-statistic?
  6. How many degrees of freedom resulted from the t-test?
  7. To the nearest ten-thousandth (four digits), what was the p-value for this test?
  8. What is the most proper way to report this t-test result?
  9. The results show that, on average, website “A” resulted in almost 13 seconds greater time-on-sire than website “B”, and that this difference was statistically significant. (Note: Assume Time is measured in seconds).
  10. By Setting the var. equal parameter to FALSE, a Welch t-test can be run, which does not assume equal variances.