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2.- Assignment M3

This week we will be learning about Bias. Your PowerPoint notes have the essential material and the textbook can help elaborate. This is the first week you will have a data analysis project due. The dataset you need is posted in the materials folder so you should download it from BB and open it with SPSS. I have included screenshots in the PowerPoint notes and your book goes step by step. Remember that there are multiple ways to get the same answer, so as long as you understand the purpose of the test or task, the means to the end may vary. The write-up example I have provided is already formatted and presented in the way I would like to have you turn yours in. This example is in the 6th Edition of APA - please use the 7th format as your style.

M3: Use dataset provided to conduct tests of normality including skew, kurtosis, and Levene’s test. Interpret results and explain findings. See powerpoint notes for help with these tests. Lastly, formulate solutions to any problems with the data. (Docs attached)

Using the Notebook.sav data, check the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance for the two films (ignore sex). Are the assumptions met?