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You may use whatever method you prefer to complete the assignment (i.e. could be done in Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Tableau, etc.).

  1. The deliverable should be an email with findings from your work. Include screenshots of tables, charts, etc. to help tell the story. Additionally, attach any code you wrote.


  1. Forecast the YoY performance of three restaurant chains: EAT (period ending 12/23/2020), DRI (period ending 11/29/2020), and TXRH (period ending 12/29/2020) using the provided transaction data. The data to complete the request can be found in the “Case Study Data.xlsx” file.
  2. Write the SQL queries you would have used to calculate the quarterly YoY % changes in each of the restaurant chain’s transaction data.
  3. Use the Review Data to formulate an opinion on the quality of each restaurant chain.
  4. Tell us if you think there is any fundamental characteristics that separate one of these chains from the others. Tell us if you feel there is any reason to invest or why not to invest in any of these chains. Feel free to research and contemplate each chain’s position within broader secular changes.

Assignment Data file